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Health and Physical Education

The overall focus of Physical Education is to give students knowledge that will help them to care for the bodies God has given them and to develop physical activities that will serve them for a lifetime.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Boys PE and Girls PE: This course will feature fitness and team sports activities.  Fitness activities are designed to increase health and well-being for the present, with an eye towards promoting life-long fitness.  The goal of the different sports played in Physical Education is to increase skills while learning sport history, rules and strategies. Students are encouraged to find a physical activity that they enjoy, and to strengthen that area. Fitness testing is done throughout the trimester to measure improvement on physical fitness. Physical education aims to encourage regular and habitual exercise through a variety of activities in order to be faithful stewards of our bodies.


WEIGHT TRAINING: Weight Training is designed to help WMC athletes achieve or help maintain a level of strength and fitness for their athletic seasons.  Students will learn to build their explosive power and overall strength.  Students will also learn proper mechanics which will lead to injury prevention.  This course will challenge the athlete physically and mentally as they learn about what it takes to become a better athlete through specific training.  Through this course, students will be challenged and taught the importance of taking care of our God-given bodies and using their abilities as an act of worship. 

Prerequisite: Participation on a WMC athletic team.


Lifetime Sports and Fitness: Lifetime sports and fitness is designed for WMC students that are looking to be exposed to activities that are appropriate as they age.  Students will learn techniques for staying active and fit in a fun and competitive environment.  As students learn to the importance of physical activity, they will learn about the gifts that God has blessed them with and that competition exists outside of an organized setting. 

Prerequisite: 11th or 12th grader that has already completed a PE class


HEALTH: This health education course increases student knowledge about health related issues while meeting the state’s and district’s one semester health education requirement for graduation. The course covers basic health, nutrition, fitness, awareness of HIV/AIDS and STDs, smoking, alcohol, drugs, stress management, conflict resolution, and long range health planning. Each health unit incorporates cognitive, affective, and skill objectives into an activity centered program. Students are involved in group discussions, role playing, lectures, guest speakers, and videos in order to gain basic information to become informed health decision makers

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