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The Mathematics program at WMCHS encourages students to understand that the subject has its roots in God’s orderly creation. The mathematical underpinnings of creation are so pervasive that they are readily accessible through everyday objects and experiences; thus students can use mathematics to better understand and evaluate both natural and social phenomena. Students are encouraged to develop their ability to distinguish the numerical and spatial properties of things, to represent them numerically or pictorially, and to generalize properties. In addition, they should be able to imagine never-ending processes, infinite classes of abstract objects, and consideration of the possible as well as the actual. Students have the opportunity to use physical models, pictorial representations, inductive and deductive methods, intuition, analogy, and comparison to discover the mathematical framework of our world.


MATH 7: Math 7 continues to solidify students’ basic math skills that are necessary to be mastered for upper level courses.  Topics covered in Math 7 serve to help the student master operations with rational numbers and integers, solve ratios and proportions, introduce basic geometry ideas,  introduce the basic vocabulary of algebra, problem solving methods, methods of writing and solving equations, and solving story problems. 


MATH 8: Students use the content learned in Math 7 to better understand the functions of Algebra 1.  This course highlights applications using statistics and geometry to develop the algebra of linear equations and inequalities; however, unlike high school Algebra 1, which is language focused and SAT-driven, this class is structured for mathematical development at the middle school level.

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