Western Michigan Christian


Middle School Electives

7TH GRADE LIFE SKILLS:  This is a 1 semester class designed to introduce middle school students to different skills that they will use as they get older.  This course covers ideas such as getting acclimated to teacher expectations in the Middle School, writing research papers, and how God calls us to be a faithful student.  This class is designed to be hands-on and give the students different opportunities to try out the skills that they will be learning.  

COMPUTER APPLICATIONS: This course is designed to instruct students in how to use the computer as both a business and personal tool through the use of computer applications software.  Appropriate software for word processing, spreadsheets and graphics will be used.  Students will also use the internet and e-mail for this class. Emphasis will also be placed on improving student keyboarding skills.

JOURNALISM/NEWSPAPER: In this class students will study the elements of news writing, page layout and importance and ethics of journalism.  Students will be spending much of their time improving their writing skills by creating articles, peer editing, and publishing their work.  Classes will include group discussions, workshops, writing, and revising sessions.  Students will be required to meet deadlines, cite in MLA format, work as a team and conduct interviews as a part of this course.


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