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Spanish Immersion Program

Spanish Immersion

Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School is the only academic institution in the area with a Spanish Immersion program. WMC supports continuing SI students that complete K-6 or K-8 Spanish immersion education at any of our WMCS feeder programs. Offered in both middle school and high school, WMC offers Language Arts and Bible classes taught only in Spanish as an extension, or “maintenance,” to continuing immersion studies.

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Growing Spanish Immersion Program

The 2019-2020 school year started with a total group of six 9th graders and eighteen 7th and 8th graders. Due to the WMCS feeder schools and their growing K-6th and K-8th grade SI programs, WMC’s Spanish Immersion program is projected to grow exponentially every year as these young SI students come up through the WMCS system.

An exciting byproduct of SI is that these students are not only learning a second language, they are also being introduced to a new culture.

A Partnership with Calvin University

West Michigan Christian Schools, including Fremont Christian, Grand Haven Christian, Muskegon Christian, New Era Christian and Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School, is in a Spanish Immersion partnership with Calvin University. This partnership allows our Spanish Immersion students to graduate high school with some college credits in Spanish. If the students choose to continue to their higher education at Calvin and have meet all the requirements in high school they will be granted with a Spanish minor. If the students choose to attend another university some or all the credits may be able to transfer depending on the university requirements. Juniors and seniors will take college level courses through Calvin and will also be able to participate in a three week study abroad experience in a Spanish speaking country. We are excited to offer this program to our immersion students from Fremont Christian, Grand Haven Christian and Muskegon Christian who continue on to Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School.

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