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Top Rated Arts


The Western Michigan Christian family has made offering first-class training in the arts (performing and graphic) a top priority. WMC boasts three quality bands, a top-notch choral program and drama team, and an inspirational art curriculum. The school hosts many performances and galleries to showcase the talented students and staff who bring glory to God through their crafts.

Music at Western Michigan Christian

When words fail, music speaks. God’s gift of music-ing (Eugene Corporan) is one of the most mysterious of all His blessings. He bestows this gift on each of us to varying degrees. It should never be forced but rather cultivated. It is our prayer to do just that amid the garden that is Western Michigan Christian High School. It is our aim to provide the tools for kids to express themselves musically.

Additionally, it is our vision that students leave with a good understanding of “We Not Me.”  Performing music with others is a beautiful reminder of service to each other and the impact that we have individually on the welfare of the whole. Fully understanding the power that we each possess to shape the outcome is a direct parallel to the teachings of Christ and will impact all aspects of our students’ lives.

Music students at WMC will experience a wide variety of both sacred and secular genre.  It is important that students exit our program well equipped to handle the rigors of a college music department.  This includes exposure to standard large and small ensemble repertoire as well as solo literature suitable to the student’s experience level.  We will accomplish these goals through a variety of local performance venues such as Warrior Weekend; the Christmas Collage Concert; church performances; Solo and Ensemble Festival and Band and Choir Festivals sponsored by the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association and the Michigan School Vocal Music Association.   Our students will also experience National level competition through participating in a National Music Festival twice during their high school career.

Theatre at WMC

In keeping with the purpose of our mission statement, we are committed to integrating Christian beliefs, values, and morals into all subjects and school activities.  We believe that the area of theatre must reflect our efforts to serve Christ.  The testing of abilities and talents, the strengthening of character, and the building of Christian life and conduct are goals that theatre participation can help to achieve.

The theatre program of Western Michigan Christian High School exists as a vehicle for practicing the values of self-discipline, hard work, goal setting, character strength, honesty, teamwork, and respect.  We intend to honor God in all that we do.

Each year we produce a fall play and a spring musical. Please see our blog for details regarding these productions.

Fine Art at WMC

We have a committee of local and alumni artists that jury our student artwork for permanent display in our school as well as to be entered into local galleries such as the Betty Cannon Gallery, the Muskegon Museum of Art and the Grand Haven Artwalk competition. Please see our blog for the latest in our student work and awards.

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