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Middle School Art

In Christian art education, students study and produce works of art based on aesthetic and historical understanding. A comprehensive curriculum includes instruction in aesthetics, art history, art criticism and art-making. In all levels, students will be responsible for maintaining and developing a personal portfolio of their work. Students are also responsible for sketchbook work, quizzes and tests. All students are encouraged to develop their God-given talents through the use of creative expression. All art classes are elective.  

In Middle School, students will focus on gaining and developing foundational skills and knowledge, while exploring a variety of artistic media and processes through a faith based curriculum. Experience with drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, fibers, sculpture, and ceramics will help prepare students for high school art. In addition to rotating the mediums to create art, students will explore art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Students will also be responsible for sketchbook homework, quizzes and a written final exam. All students are encouraged to develop their God given talents and express their creative voice!

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