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Business & Technology

Business and Technology

The purpose of the Business Department is to prepare students to reflect Christianity in the way they make economic decisions affecting their personal and professional lives. Students need basic vocational and business skills to be productive in future endeavors, whether in the workplace or in higher education. Introduction to Digital Technology is required; other courses are electives.


ACCOUNTING: This course is recommended for students with an interest in business/finance, be it a business major in college, or planning to own their own business. This course introduces students to fundamental accounting principles and procedures providing a sound foundation for further study in the business area. Students will analyze financial transactions and prepare financial statements. Students may utilize computer software to apply concepts to real-life situations. At the end of the trimester, if time allows, students will complete the accounting practices for a simulated company, which ties all units of study together.  Students completing Accounting may qualify for college articulation credit through Baker College and/or Muskegon Community College  


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: This course is recommended for students with an interest in business.  This class is an overview of the field of business study. Some of the topics covered will include the business and its environment, forms of business ownership, information and communication systems and management responsibilities.  


INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY (required): This course is designed to instruct students in how to use the computer as a business, education  and personal tool through the use of internet-based applications. Appropriate applications for word processing, spreadsheets, email, internet-based research and graphics will be used. Class time will be spent reinforcing concepts applicable to research formatting.  Emphasis will also be placed on improving student keyboarding skills utilizing the touch method of keyboarding. 

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