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The primary emphasis of the Bible curriculum is the integration of faith, church, and family in the lives of its students. The aim of this department is to discover, disseminate, and disclose the Kingdom’s agenda to a world that has been separated by sin from the purpose and plan of God. Students will be challenged to move to the forefront of religious freedom and to become healthy, contributing members of the body of Christ.

7TH GRADE BIBLE:  In this course, we will be studying the history of God’s people from the time of Solomon through the birth of Jesus.  In between, we’ll learn about the kings of Israel and Judah, the destruction of those countries, the exile, return and the time between the Old and New Testaments.  Along the way, we’ll find out how these events impact our lives and relationships today. This course is also offered in Spanish.

8TH GRADE BIBLE:  In this course we will explore the New Testament, beginning with Jesus’ early ministry, going through His death and resurrection, studying the early church, Paul’s missionary journeys and many of the epistles.  Students will apply Bible stories to real life and internalize it through memory verses.

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