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Health & Physical Ed


The overall focus of Physical Education is to give students knowledge that will help them to care for the bodies God has given them and to develop physical activities that will serve them for a lifetime.


Students will be taking part in a wide variety of team and individual activities. These activities will be used to promote active and healthy living. Teaching will be done on sports history, rules, skills and strategies and students will be assessed on the application of these areas. Christian responsibility to take care of our bodies will be a focal point throughout this class. Prerequisite: 7th or 8th grade.


How we navigate the adolescent years has a direct impact on how we’ll live the rest of our lives. In Navigating Life, students will be engaged in opportunities that help them build skills to make the decisions they will be confronted with in the future. All students will learn how to overcome challenges that life will throw at them and become the best version of themselves. The course curriculum may include the following topics:

Goal Setting Relationships Self Awareness Healthy Habits
What Is My End Goal Effective Communication Stress Management The Cold Hard Facts (Drugs, Alcohol, and STI’s)
Goal Setting 101 Boundaries (Cootie Control) Emotions: Handling Grief, Loss, and Trauma Nutrition for Life
Career Exploration Heck No – Not doing that! I Need help! Fitness
Choices/Responsibilities Peer Refusal Skills Navigating emotions Putting it All Together
Organization Mean and Aggressive Behavior Decision Making Skills
How Do I Lead?
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