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Science is the systematic study of everything that can be examined, tested or verified. Because different branches of science shape the way we understand our planet, other living things and ourselves, we need to see all of these topics in a way that makes sense of God’s creation.  A goal in all our classes is that students see God as the Creator and Sustainer of all of creation.  This overarching belief affects our view of existing knowledge and new discoveries.  Students are encouraged to use a variety of discovery methods: research in the lab and in the field, reading and responding to the textbooks and journals, written reports and analyses and discussions with peers and instructors.


SCIENCE 7:  7th grade science is taught with a continued focus on each of the different studies in science- life science, earth science, and physical science.  The life science unit focuses on genetics and how certain traits and characteristics are passed from adult to offspring.  The focus of our physical science units are how waves produce sound and light and the differences between physical and chemical changes.  The earth science unit focuses on the atmosphere and how weather and climate play a role in our lives.  Students will learn to interpret data critically from a variety of sources.  


SCIENCE 8:  8th grade science continues to work on the three science areas with a focus on preparing students to enter high school.  Students will experience physical science by looking at motion and how Newton’s laws of motion can be applied to real-life situations.  Students then apply those same principles to studying the solar system with a particular area of study on the earth-sun-moon relationship.  The life sciences look at how energy flows through and to different organisms.  Ideas include photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  8th grade science culminates in a study of the different body systems and how their functions are interrelated.  Students will collect data and use critical thinking skills to draw scientific conclusions. 

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