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Industrial Arts

Industrial Arts

The Industrial Arts program includes subject areas that enable students to use a hands-on approach in their pursuit of understanding and appreciating God’s presence in an industrial and technological world.  All courses are elective.


MECHANICAL CAD I (Engineering Design Technology 1)

Grades 9 – 12 • One Semester Course • 1/2 Credit Designed to teach the fundamentals of technical drawing (CAD/drafting) through sketching and CAD software. Material assists students in learning the language of engineering/design, preparing them for a career in Engineering/Design. Students will learn everyday tasks performed by an engineer/designer. Students will learn to make drawings of common objects from manufactured machine parts to woodworking projects. Topics include single and multi-view drawings, 3-D solid modeling, section views, sketching and dimensioning of objects. AutoCAD, Inventor and Onshape software will be used for computer drawing. This class is designed for those students interested in the engineering/design, construction trades, manufacturing or any trade requiring technical drawing and blueprint reading . Satisfies 4th Year Math Credit, and/or VPAA Credit requirement


MECHANICAL CAD II (Engineering Design Technology 2):  Grades 9 – 12 • 1 ⁄ 2 Credit, Prerequisite: Mechanical CAD I, (Engineering Design Technology 1), Course will continue building on the knowledge gained from the prerequisite class. Students will learn and apply drafting practices as they relate to the world of manufacturing. This class will help further prepare students for Engineering College Majors and/or Entry Level Engineering jobs. Topics of study include: assembly and detail drawing, pattern development, auxiliary and section views, basic descriptive geometry, dimensioning, and advanced solid modeling. Satisfies 4th Year Math Credit, and/or VPAA Credit requirement.

Prerequisite: Mechanical CAD I (Engineering Design Technology 1)


ARCHITECTURAL CAD (Architectural Computer Aided Drafting and Design): 

Grades 9 – 12 • One semester Course • Prerequisite: Mechanical CAD I, (Engineering Design Technology 1), Building on knowledge gained in the prerequisite class; Students will learn drafting practices as they relate to the world of architecture. Topics of study include: residential/commercial design, building construction methods, blueprint reading, 3D design and model building.  Includes advanced concepts of Architectural Drafting. The course is project-oriented and will require students’ development of a set of working architectural drawings for residential dwellings.  AutoCAD and/or other software will be used to create drawings.  Architectural CAD may be taken multiple times for credit. Satisfies 4th Year Math Credit, and/or VPAA Credit requirement

Prerequisite: Mechanical CAD I (Engineering Design Technology 1).


ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS – CAD (Engineering Applications (Mechanical/Architecture)): Grades 11 – 12 • Year Course * 67120 * 1/2 Credit Course may be taken multiple times for credit. Course may be taken as one or two hours • Prerequisite: Mechanical CAD I, (Engineering Design Technology 1), The study of computer aided design and drafting for machine tool products, furniture, interiors, and architecture. AutoCAD, Inventor, Onshape and/or Fusion 360 will be the primary software used. Engineering and Architectural drafting, notation lettering, and designing are included subject matter. Topics include methods of creating and presenting design concepts with thumbnails, freehand drawing proposals, rendering of perspective and orthographic plans. The students will produce original designs, inventions, problem identification and solving, visualization, designing, working drawings and presentation drawings. Team building skills through design team projects will involve students, parents, and staff. Students will be improving skills on the development of lettering, notation, descriptive geometry, dimensioning, drawing layout, and other standard drafting procedures. Other topics of the course include application of advanced modeling techniques, rapid prototype printing, robot programming, and electrical circuits design. Satisfies 4th Year Math Credit, and/or VPAA Credit

Prerequisite: Mechanical CAD I (Engineering Design Technology 1)


Housing and Home Furnishings 

Grades 10 – 12 • Semester Course •  1 ⁄ 2 Credit This course is designed to develop basic exterior and interior construction guidelines necessary to create a favorable environment for family living. Areas of study will include construction terms, floor plans, wall to floor coverings and interior design concepts. This course will culminate in a dream house project and a class presentation. Satisfies the VPAA Credit


CNC TECHNOLOGY: This course is open to all students in 10th-12th grades who want to learn how to use the CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Machine in class.  This is a one trimester course.  They will use the operating software of Alpha CAM and use the Shop bot CNC Router to cut out what they have made on the computer.  

Prerequisite: Mechanical CAD.


WOODS 1, 2, and 3:  In these classes students will learn how to use hand tools and some limited power tools to create 3 or more wood projects in class, after that they will have a variety of additional projects of their choice to complete.  Students will be given a final exam project as well.  Safety, clean up and good work habits are emphasised.  This course is designed to give students exposure to Industrial arts.


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