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Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services

What is ESS?

ESS stands for Educational Support Services.

WMC currently has one Special Education teacher and one Accommodations Coordinator supporting students requiring ESS services in collaboration with the Director of ESS. The ESS team partners with classroom teachers and parents in order to ensure students are reaching their full learning potential. Services include tiered support for students with disabilities. ESS teachers share a vision of inclusion for all students to learn with their peers.

The ESS teacher works alongside classroom teachers to create and implement interventions to support students’ learning gaps as well as facilitate small group and individual instruction to address specific needs.

ESS Job Placement

WMC’s Educational Support Services (ESS) team has Community-Based Instruction (CBI) partnerships for our high school students.  Select local businesses provide opportunities for CBI for Western Michigan Christian High School (WMC) students with diverse learning needs. Juniors and Seniors on the Certificate of Completion track at WMC, have the opportunity to learn more about their God-given strengths and gifts in the workplace, which serves to prepare students for potential employment post-high school.

After conducting student “interest inventories,” the WMC ESS team determines each child’s areas of interests, gifts, and passions. The ESS team then seeks out workplaces that could utilize those specific gifts and abilities.

ESS Eligibility

To be eligible to receive Educational Support Service at WMC, a student must have a formal medical or educational diagnosis.

What ESS Offers:

  • Educational Support Plans for students with a diagnosed disability and more significant needs

  • Accommodation Plans for students with a diagnosed disability

  • Small group support within Guided Study Halls

  • Small group instruction for students on the Certificate of Completion track

  • Referrals for educational evaluations through Mona Shores Public Schools

  • Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work services provided through Mona Shores Public Schools for eligible students

To learn more about the Western Michigan Christian School’s ESS Program, email us or peruse the WMC and WMCS blog posts below:

ESS Blog Feature Stories:


WMC’s Guidance office exists to offer college-prep and all post-secondary education direction on an individual basis. It is our goal to provide assistance to students and families as they look to what’s next after high school. We help students in choosing classes at each grade level as well as guiding rising seniors in all they need as they prepare for college and beyond. WMC Guidance Office also helps students identify and apply for scholarships, which are outlined here.

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