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Student Teaching Opportunity for WMC Robotics Club Students

Warrior Students Teach at Alma Mater Grand Haven Christian School

By Ryan Bradford-Royle, WMC Senior

Earlier this winter, Jacob Tejchma, Alex Miller, and I had an opportunity to teach a robotics class at Grand Haven Christian School. The students were middle schoolers just like we were just a few years ago. They were doing their Winterim classes and Mr. B (Mark Brondyke) asked us to teach a class.

The best part about our team was that we all had our areas to teach. Alex used our Raspberry Pi chips from WMC to teach the boys about programming.

Jacob helped the boys with putting the robots together and fixing assembly issues.

And I taught the boys CAD (computer-aided design) so we could 3D print their own custom parts to make their robots unique. They could make scoops and plows for the balls but some boys decided to design flippers to sabotage the other team.

We designed games for the students that used different aspects of their robot and programming skills, then played tons of games with them.

Jacob, Alex, and I had a great time sharing our knowledge with this class. We were so happy to have this opportunity and hope the boys learned a lot and had a ton of fun.

If you are a WMCS feeder school and you are interested in a Robotics camp taught at your school this summer, CONTACT US.

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