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WMC Varsity Soccer team raises money for the bills and training of a Companion Dog for Lucas Barton.


Here’s Lucas’ story…

Meet Lucas. He’s a fun-loving and tenderhearted six-year-old that loves dogs and dinosaurs and likes to build with Legos and Magnatiles. He has a great sense of humor and likes to make everyone laugh. He has such a joyous outlook on life. He enjoys playing with his family and friends and loves the outdoors.

Lucas has recently been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, or DMD. This is a rare and progressive disorder that causes his muscles to become weaker over time until it affects the whole body. Right now, his hand and arm strength are diminished and going up stairs, walking, getting up off the floor and playing at the park are difficult and cause him to become fatigued. He needs to take frequent breaks and rest and also experiences muscle cramping and pain.

Something that we can do right now that would give him help every day is to get him a Companion Dog. This dog will need to have special training and certification. A Companion Dog can help him in his everyday life. We hope this dog can open and close doors, pick things off of the floor, give him bracing support, put laundry in a basket, take off his shoes, get help, and so much more. This dog will also help him during stressful Doctor appointments and with anxiety.

On October 5 the Boys Varsity Soccer team and Warrior Nation raised more than $4000 to support Lucas and the Barton family.

The Barton family thanks the WMC Senior Soccer Captains, the Warrior Soccer Team, the Bradford-Royle family, Warrior Nation and Leland fans for their support, prayers and generosity.

***PLEASE NOTE: Lucas and his older sister, Sidney, do not have a full understanding of what DMD is, it’s progression or it’s life-limiting prognosis. We ask that you please not mention or discuss these things around them or to them. Thank you***

PC Anna Sytsema

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