Western Michigan Christian

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Safety Drills

Annual Safety Drills

Western Michigan Christian School conducts a set of safety drills each year in compliance with Federal, State and County requirements. This includes fire drills, in-shelter drills, and tornado drills. All students and staff are expected to participate in each drill.

Fire Drills








WMC conducted a successful fire drill on October 5, 2018.

WMC conducted a successful fire drill on October 9, 2018.


Western Michigan Christian is a grade 7-12 high school and middle school located at 455 East Ellis Rd. Muskegon, including 360 students from 5 countries, 30 cities, and 75 churches. Our WMCS feeder schools include Fremont Christian School (PK-8), Grand Haven Christian School (PK-8), and Muskegon Christian School (PK-6).
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